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Pro by defaultWith Make Waves everybody is a pro. We will never charge you for ‘pro’-features — because we feel these should be available for everyone.
Artist-friendlyWe guide you in making the best choices and if you need extra help, our support team is always on standby.
All major platformsGet your music on any of the major platforms at no extra cost. YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, Shazam and the list goes on.
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No strings attached, always keep 100% of your rights
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Our experience with Make Waves was very good! The support service is very helpful and fast. They really think along with you and solve all problems for you. Make Waves is awesome!Tante Joke Karaoke Band
… With its user-friendly layout, easy overview of the important useable data, and being paid out in euros it‘s clearly visible that the platform was created with the idea of making it as easy as possible for an artist/team.No Sleep Management
Artist Manager
I worked a lot with aggregators like Distrokid and Tunecore. But when there is a problem, I like to contact my aggregator directly. Make Waves support feels familiar and I love that!Ton van der Werf
Endewerf Management
… Being able to show my artist all the data, Make Waves contributes to a more transparent music industry by making it understandable for everybody.No Sleep Management
Artist Manager

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What does Make Waves offer?

With Make Waves you can distribute your music at no initial charge. We believe in your music so any financial risk is on us at this stage. The first 4000 streams release receives covers your yearly fee to us, plus a 5% royalty share after that to offset exchange rate conversion and other ongoing processing costs.
What platforms does Make Waves support?

We support all major platforms, currently 20 of the ones most widely used and we keep connecting to more. You have any specific platform you'd like to target? Reach out to us, we can probably set you up on there as well.See the full list of currently supported stores
Is Make Waves for me?

Our aim is to be the most artist-friendly music distribution option out there for DIY artists and label owners alike. We can guide you through the process and help you make the right decisions for your career.
Why should I use Make Waves?

If you want to release your music and share it with the world, Make Waves can do this for you. With us you can upload to an unlimited number of stores. No hidden costs. No upselling. One fee that covers it all.Your rights stay 100% yours and you make all of the decisions. We understand how much effort went into your new release which is why we treat it with respect. Try us.
  • What does Make Waves offer?
  • What platforms does Make Waves support?
  • Is Make Waves for me?
  • Why should I use Make Waves?
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    We understand how much effort went into your new music and we want to make sure you're all set for a successful release.
Try it out for free
No strings attached, always keep 100% of your rights
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A fair deal

Make Waves accounts are free. You can deliver your music to all the platforms without paying us anything upfront. You keep 100% of your rights, and we pay out 95% of the royalties directly to your Make Waves account.
You can request a payout from your account whenever you like. There are no hidden costs with Make Waves, and you really get 95% of the royalties received in your Make Waves wallet. We do not charge any extra hidden fees (unlike some other distributors seem to do...).
Being transparent about our accounting and having a 100% correct royalty accounting system that pays out every cent received is what artists deserve and have been missing out on for too long! The founders of Make Waves have a history of creating royalty accounting software for record labels and know how to get this right.
How does Make Waves operate?
We cover our operating costs through a 5% royalty share and from the first 4000 streams per release yearly. It does not matter if your release has ten or just two tracks, the deal is the same, no extra costs. Really 😉
At Make Waves, we are confident that we offer the best deal. Even if other services initially seem less expensive, after all the hidden extra costs and flaky accounting of our competitors, the payments you will receive through Make Waves are higher than any other music distribution service.
Our goal is to be the most artist-friendly and nice-to-use platform. Just try us out and see for yourselves if you like us!
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