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Release and promote your music on all the major platforms such as Spotify, Apple, YouTube, TikTok, TIDAL and many more. Make use of all our pro features (for free!), our knowledge base and seamless payouts. The Make Waves support team is always on standby to answer your questions.

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What people say
Sterre Koning
Make Waves makes it so easy for me to release my music as an independent artist for the first time, I keep all my rights and freedom, while still having the quick en helpful support of this experienced team.
No Sleep Management
Artist Manager
…With its user-friendly layout, easy overview of the important useable data, and being paid out in euros it‘s clearly visible that the platform was created with the idea of making it as easy as possible for an artist/team.
Ton van de Werf
Endewerf Management
…Being able to show my artist all the data, Make Waves contributes to a more transparent music industry by making it understandable for everybody.
Feest DJ Maarten
DJ / Producer
I am so happy to be able to work with Make Waves. The ease with which you can put your music online is really great. I have worked with other parties, but their communication was often difficult if you wanted to know something about your music.
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Everything included

All the features you need, everything included. We will never charge you for extra features — because we feel these should be available for everyone. You keep 100% of your rights and we are transparent about the way we operate.

Make Waves accounts include:

Number of releases


Number of artists


Sales analytics

Get daily updates on how your music is doing and how much money you are making from your music.

Deliver to all the stores/DSPs you need

Upload your music to all the major platforms like Spotify, Apple, Youtube, TikTok, Tidal and many more.

Payouts whenever you like

Get paid simple and fast is any currency through bank transfer or PayPal.

Song splits

Set and pay out royalty splits for your team, without additional costs for your collaborators.

Set any release date


Youtube Content ID

Another amazing feature that is included for every account in Make Waves.

Set a custom label name

Included. If you do not enter a label name we use your artist name als the label name.

Metadata updates


Custom barcodes

We can provide these for you, but you can also use your own. We are very flexible ;)

Use your own catalogue number

Included. You can use your own or you can use the auto-generated one by Make Waves.

Use your own ISRC

Included. We can generate one for you or use your own.


Make Waves accounts are free to use. We only ask 5% of the revenue and hold back the first 4000 streams on a yearly basis. Read more

Looking for another feature?

Make Waves is very easy to use

We have made the process to create and release music very user-friendly and we do all the complex stuff for you in the background. Check out the videos below to see our flow.

Upload your music

Just upload or drag and drop your music and Make Waves will start creating your release.
Simply fill in all the required fields and you are all set within a few minutes. Our guides and video instructions on how to create a release will ease you through the process.

Release & get listeners

Distribute and promote your release to all the relevant platforms including Spotify, TikTok, Apple, Snapchat, TIDAL, YouTube, etc. Watch and learn from our instructions and guides on how to get streams, playlists and followers.

Split your royalties

Add your collaborators' royalty splits and they'll receive their share of royalties directly in their own account, without additional costs.

See analytics & get paid

See daily updates on your sales and streams from all platforms in your account and get paid whenever you like, however you like! Why wait when you can set up your release right now?

Dedicated support

Our support team is always on standy to answer your questions.

First time releasing music? Not sure what an ISRC is? Wondering how you can move your music from another distributor? We’ve got you covered. Our growing collection of guides help you get through anything that you might need when releasing yourself.

What people say
We like using Make Waves and love their team. They really helped us make the next steps in our career.
Tante Joke Karaokeband
Our experience with Make Waves is very good! The support team is very helpful and fast. They are really considerate and can help solve all your problems. Make Waves is awesome!

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